Why Hiring Live Entertainment Is Better at a Wedding

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No one wants his or her wedding day to spark memories that are not sprinkled with interesting dialogues and entertainment. Therefore, your choice of entertainment is important. Whilst you can feature DJ-introduced music for dancing and celebrating, it will not have the same impact as a live performance.

In order to ensure that your wedding is memorable, talk to a company that specialises in live entertainment for weddings. Companies that highlight this type of service can provide bands in just about any size to complement your wedding’s theme. Work with the business to establish the vocals and musical instruments for your nuptials. Music can be supplied for both the ceremony and reception.

Choose From Extensive Playlists

When making a musical choice, you can choose from groups featuring two highly talented signers up to a band that features ten musicians. You can also have a duo or band play your favourite music and songs.

Extensive playlists are featured by live music providers that include the following:

  • 70s music
  • Music from the 80s and 90s
  • Easy listening or jazz
  • Current tunes from such entertainers as Amy Winehouse or Bruno Mars
  • Golden favourites from the Beach Boys, Elvis, or the Beatles

For example, Bondah wedding singers for hire are exceptionally talented and can sing from a full roster of songs. The company can email you with a list of musical choices. You can also refer to the company to obtain advice on what music to play.

What You Obtain When You Choose Live Entertainment

When you choose to go live with your musical selections, you normally receive a band that plays up to four musical sets of 45 minutes each. The setup and sound equipment is included in the total package. Clients also have access to a sound system to make announcements to guests between the musical sets.

In these interim periods, you can make toasts or give special speeches. Clients can also opt for recorded music between live play sets. Clients can choose the songs themselves or have the service provider make the selections for them.

Listen to Selections You Like Online

When making a selection for songs for your wedding, it helps to listen to the music online. Check out the selections from the 70s, 80s, and 90s as well as featured oldies and a modern lineup of tunes. When making a musical selection, consider your own musical preferences as well as the preferences of your guests. Also, you need to think about the danceability of the music. Whilst some songs are great for listening, they may prove to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to dancing.

Typically, a smaller live musical ensemble will consist of the vocalist, a guitar, bass musical instruments, and drums. A five-piece ensemble includes the aforementioned lineup; plus, it also includes keyboards in the package. Besides the foregoing offerings, clients can also make specific song requests up to two weeks before the wedding event. Regardless of your selection, you will be happy that your entertainment is live. Live music adds excitement to any wedding event.

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