Why Hiring a Mixologist from Effervescence is a Good Idea

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 2 Years ago
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You want a simple backyard party, or maybe a tailgate party, an autumn campfire party, a block party, long holiday weekend with friends or you are the ones assigned by your boss for a corporate event.  So, why should you consider hiring a bartender for your event?

Let me give you reasons why it is the best option and why you should consider one from Effervescence:

  1. You have no idea about drinks in the first place

An ideal bartending service will aid you in deciding on what the best options are for you to buy based on your individual preferences as well as those of your guests.  Based on their past experiences, the mixologist can end up saving you money on drinks.

  1. You have a hard time getting everything done

A reliable bartender, especially the one from Effervescence, will help you set up and also clean up.  He will set everything up in plenty of time before the guests will start arriving and are ready for service.  This should free you free you to greet the guests or take care of other things with full attention. He will also be on top of keeping their area clean during the event so that there are not empty glasses and bottles strewn everywhere.

  1. He will help in keeping the party going

We all know that once the guests start coming, one of the first places they end up is the bar which can even create quite the lineup. The bar area will soon end up being the most crowded and becomes the favorite spot for the night, that’s for sure.

However, with the professional bar staff at your beck and call, they can work with speed and even have a great personality to manage the line effectively while at the same time, providing great customer service and an overall great experience.

  1. You can even feel like one of the guests in the said event

As just mentioned, if you end up spending the entire party getting drinks for other people, you’ll feel more like one of the staff than the host. But if you have someone else preparing your drinks and making sure you’re okay, you will enjoy the entire event for sure.

So give Effervescence a call now and make sure that you will be accommodated as after all, they might have a lot of bookings.

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