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What’s The Best Environment To Practice Music In?

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 3 Years ago
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Learning to play music requires commitment and patience. Hours of practice go into learning a tune. Passion for music is necessary to learn it. Unmindful of obstacles and criticism one has to have faith and devotion towards music to master it. Despite all these hardships music is a highly rewarding experience. A major part of learning music goes into practice. Practicing to achieve perfection is what music is all about. You can find lessons on music online and by practicing consistently you can master it. In order to practice well it is very important to find the most suitable environment for it.

If you live in a large home or a ranch you need not worry about finding the right space as you have enough space and solitude to practice. But if you live in an urban area mainly in apartments then you need to adapt and innovate to find the right environment to practice music. Few things that you must keep in mind while practicing are

Disturbance to Neighbors

This is a serious impediment to your practicing music. Whether you are a beginner or a well-trained musician, you have to ensure that your neighbors or for that matter your household members are not disturbed by your practice.

You can choose times of the day when your neighbors are out for daily routine. This way you get the privacy to practice. Sometimes it may be better to practice only during weekends when your neighbors are out visiting their friends and relatives or simply enjoy staying out shopping, going to movies or any other similar activities.

There is another option. If you have electronic musical instruments, it is possible to plug in headphones to them and play to your heart’s content. No one will hear you practicing except you.


You may decide to soundproof your practice room. This helps to a great extent in practicing and recording your music. You may choose to upload it to YouTube so that people can access your music online.

Optimal temperature

Your musical instruments work well in temperatures they are suited for. For instance, higher temperatures can affect the strings and thereby the quality of sound produced by the instruments like guitar and violin. Similarly, wind instruments like flute and trombone perform better in cooler temperatures. By having a central heating system installed at your home you can regulate and maintain optimal temperature.

Space for practice

You need to find a place where there are no distractions and you can practice in solitude concentrating on your music. You must select a place that must be used to practice always. It could be your room, a corner in the room. The idea is that when you are in that place your mind tunes out everything else and you concentrate on your music practice.

All practicing is not equal

Most people think of music practice in terms of content like notes, scales, tunes etc. But the result of practice is more dependent on your state of mind. You can accomplish a lot in a short time if your mind is ready and your concentration is total. Quality prevails over quantity when it comes to practicing music. It is very important to be in the right frame of mind to practice music.

Evaluation apprehension

When you are practicing music if you know someone else is listening then it affects your practice causing anxiety and distraction. You can’t practice well. This is termed as ‘Evaluation Apprehension’ by psychologists. It can cause great trouble. You must ensure you choose a practice environment where you will not be interrupted by others or distracted by activities and ideally no one should be able to hear you.


The right environment for practicing music is the one that causes no distraction, does to cause disturbance to others and where you are not interrupted. You must always practice in a particular location as far as possible as your mind prepares well for practice in the designated place. An essential thing to remember while practicing music is that quality precedes quantity. You can also upload music online to let your friends give you feedback on it.

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