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Ideas to Make a Traditional Tamil Groom’s Attire More Interesting

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 2 Years ago
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Tamil weddings are all about following age-old traditions and customs and keeping it low key. Sure, Tamil matrimony is filled with fun and light moments, but the people participating in it are paramount to the celebration, and not just the pomp and show of it. Since, everything revolves around traditions, so does the wedding attire of a Tamil groom. A groom wears a two-piece garment known as Veshti and Angavastram; where the Veshti is the lower part of the garment (dhoti or lungi) and an Angavastram is draped around his neck. The groom can wear a simple white shirt or Salvai over the attire. The two-piece garment of a groom is made of pattu or silk. To make the look even more traditional, he wears a special headgear known as Thalaippa (resembles a turban). However, today’s groom prefers an attire that is less traditional, by adding some trendy elements that keep it interesting and in line with the fashion of their age. It is only natural that grooms want to share the spotlight with the bride, and this they do by showcasing an extraordinary style sense.

Grooms can choose from a variety of attire including, Sherwani, Kurtas and Indi-western outfits. Here’s a list of ideas that could give Tamil grooms an edge over the bride.


  1. Enhance the Look with Jewellery: Yes, even men can carry off jewellery, not too much though. Tamil grooms can choose to wear gold chains, clip on gold or diamond earrings, or a brooch. This will surely add a style statement to the groom’s look, especially when he is going with a full traditional attire.
  2. Dishevelled Hair-do: Tweaking your hair style is easier to pull off. Should you be dressing in a traditional fashion, you can get creative with your hair and notch up your cool quotient. But if you are wearing a Thalaip on the day of matrimony, make sure you style your hair in a way that stays in place even when you take the Thalaip off.
  3. Go for a Sherwani or a Suit: While this idea may be completely out-of-the-box at a Tamil matrimony, it can be pulled off with the consent of your family. You could opt for a Sherwani or a Suit that are available from high-end designers till the local stores. Choose something that suits your build, your sense of style and customize to a colour you prefer keeping it traditional or get uber cool with a suit.
  4. Co-ordinate Colours: If you choose to experiment with an ensemble that is non-traditional, then you can play around with colours, contrasts, or wear prints, or choose from a variety of silhouettes. This will change your entire look from a typical Tamil groom to that of a modern-day prince charming.
  5. Urbane Dhoti: This simple villager dhoti style has become a style statement for a lot of grooms out there. It will also go well with the Tamil tradition of wearing a Veshti (which resembles a dhoti) and will make your attire all the more interesting.
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