Essential Options for the Availability of the Cannabis

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Cannabis varieties are the warmest in the world cannabis seed industry. And last year their usage increased by ten per cent. In light of the high demand and accordance with their growing popularity in local breeding cabinets here are simple, valuable and useful tips for the fruitful cultivation of cannabis.

The Varieties

A Look at the List of popular cannabis varieties has proven that people living in here prefer not to take risks and prefer to grow relatively small plants for a specified period rather than growing large massive plants in a process that can last more than four months. Therefore it is not surprising that such types of cannabis are prevalent in the land. In the Cannabis Trade Show, you will be having the best options for the same.

For Flowers

Strains of cannabis are genetically engineered to produce flowers following their biological clocks, rather than taking into account the number of light and dark clocks, as conventional cannabis varieties do. This “patent” is a breakthrough because it frees producers from having to wait for a specified period of the year to start planting plants and from prolonged growth.

The Features

Although the automatic strains of cannabis are no different from common cannabis species, their short life and growth characterise some differences like a tumour. Here are some essential tips from the “High Times” magazine, which are worth checking out before starting the automatic magnification.

When to set

In the northern half of the Earth (where, of course, Israel is present), the longest day of the year is around June 21. The hours of light on this day range from 16 to 22 hours of continuous light, with the sun at the best angle – allowing the plant to receive excellent exposure. In many regions, the spring season provides the ideal temperature for planting automatic varieties from the outside (minimum 14 degrees), especially at the end of May or early June. If plants are planted too early in the open, they can produce small crops. This is partly because the rash will accelerate due to low temperatures at night.

Automatic seed

First of all, the seeds of automatic cannabis should be stored under ideal conditions. A clean refrigerator with a temperature of 4-5 degrees and low humidity will undoubtedly do the trick. During the course, care and gentleness are necessary. In germination of seeds, soak them in pH-balanced water (pH 5.5-6). It is assumed that the seeds sink to the bottom relatively quickly, and some can even pull their roots in less than 24 hours.

Suitable Environment

Maintaining sufficient humidity is essential. During germination, it requires 80% more moisture and more. Then, during the first period of plant growth, it is desirable to reduce the humidity to 55% to 70%. Some manufacturers have installed a transparent “dome” on young plants to ensure high humidity (similar to what they do with plants sludge). A plastic bottle with a slit can be used for this purpose.

Best Breeding Substrate

In this parameter, there is no reason to cut corners. In Cannabis Trade Show the final yield will be directly related to your genetics, soil growth, fertiliser quality and environmental conditions. Remember that excessive fertilisation is one of the most common mistakes that manufacturers make.

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