Create the most stylish living room with Some Simple Moves

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 2 Years ago
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Have you ever wondered how many hours of your day you spend in the living room of your home? Probably many since you are sitting, relaxing, reading, eating, welcoming your friends and watching TV. That’s why it’s good to refresh it often to make you feel more beautiful within it.

See what you can do to see your living room with another eye and even without spending a lot of money.


 Dark shades are a great trend this year. Dark blue is definitely one of the colors you should definitely try. In order not to close the space, if your home is small, paint only one wall and give it light and intensity with brightly colored furniture. If your sofa is monochrome, put a red stripe or a throw in a coral shade. Place white frames and observe the depth created by the intense contrasts of colors.


 If your living room is small this does not mean that you cannot put wallpaper for a more retro effect. Just be careful that the pattern is based on white, choose a light color to avoid closing the space and watch the colors you put in the rest of the room. Prefer light shades and not more than 2-3 colors in furniture. You want to have uniformity in the furniture because the background itself is intense.

Another idea is to emphasize only a point on the wall. It is not necessary to place wallpaper up to the ceiling or across the wall. Because the photo armchair is white as well as the wall, striped wallpaper with vertical stripes was placed so as not to visually reduce the height of the room. You can look for a poster Copenhagen, it will really blow your mind!


If you like the plants inside the house that, as we have said, give color and a sense of harmony, do it in the most original way. Make a hidden shelf behind the couch. To do this, instead of building with plasterboard, you can do it with mdf, which you will find it in stores with home items and you can then paint. Install the panel up to 1m. Make sure the shelf is at the bottom so that once you put the pots you have chosen; only the flowers look like they are planted in a flower bed.


A quick and inexpensive way to quickly renew is the change of use of furniture and things in space. Empty the library and place books and frames as you would if you were presenting them in an exhibition. In a recess you can put more than one table even in different sizes.

The books you took off from the library can be placed in different places on the floor one above the other instead of side tables or instead of bedside tables. Up, in the last book, you can put a piece of glass to touch whatever you want without worrying about your books. Place a vase, a lamp or whatever else you want on the glass.

If you do not have a library, make your own in an original way. You can find concrete blocks in various designs ideal for decoration. Place them in such a way that you create a library just as you imagine it. If, in fact, you do not like the color of the concrete, you can simply paint them in the color of your choice.


Use a vintage map to decorate the wall of the living room and give it a more sophisticated style. Such a map fits perfectly with the wooden furniture or the restored ones. A very nice idea, in fact, is to place it on top of the TV. So when you do not want to see something on it you will be able to download the map and completely change your field of view.

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