Can you win with a bad rummy hand?

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The beauty of any sport or a game is that it is virtually impossible for anyone to predict its outcome. There are certain games where the result cannot be foreseen till they are actually over. How often have we got overwhelmed watching a last ball six or last-minute goal! So, there is no need for any player to lose hope, be it any sport. An expert sportsman can turn things around immediately in his favour when a situation arises. This theory is applicable when you download a Rummy game APK and play online. Most newcomers will be agitated seeing a bad Rummy as soon as the cards are dealt to them. Well, the same will not be the case with an expert. For him, a bad Rummy is just another ordeal which can be dealt wisely. In fact, he can even win the game carrying a bad hand. No, it is not a joke. A resilient expert can handle a bad Rummy effectively and taste success. Let us now see how a bad Rummy hand can make you win the game.

Key things to do immediately:

  1. Do not panic seeing a bad Rummy. Maintain you’re cool and see what best you can do to evade the situation.
  2. Arrange the cards in your hands in the best manner possible and see if there is any hope of forming a pure sequence.
  3. Always carry a hope that your opponents are humans as well and so they can make mistakes too, which you can exploit.

Now that you have done the basics right, let us focus on the game. A bad Rummy does not mean the game is lost. When you confront this nemesis, remember the points 2 and 3 stated above, i.e., forming a pure sequence and the game play of your opponents. If you are well versed with these two things when you play rummy, there is no reason for you to worry.

Forming pure sequence:

The main objective of the Indian Rummy is to form two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the remaining cards can be grouped to form sets and sequences. The key here to win the game is to first form a pure sequence. When the cards are dealt to you and it turns out to be a bad hand, try to arrange the cards in the best possible manner and see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence. Your hopes should not diminish when there is even a remote or minute possibility. Therefore, when you find a bad hand, see if there is a chance of forming a pure sequence first.

Watch your opponent’s moves:

When the cards in your hand turn out to be complicated and you have very little chance of forming a pure sequence, then concentrate on the moves of your opponents and try to close all the doors for him so that he struggles forming his own sequences. This is possible if you can watch the moves of your opponents closely. You should observe what he picks up from the open deck and imagine the sequence that he is trying to form. If you can do that, you should abstain from feeding him the card required by him. Ascertain from his moves, whether he is close to finishing the deal and if it looks so, pull out a Rummy strategy to confuse him.

How to confuse your opponents?

Your opponents can be made to confuse in multiple ways possible. One way of tricking is to discard the low value cards first. It is possible how is that discarding low value cards can confuse your opponent. Normally, people with bad Rummy in hand are advised to discard high value cards so that they are not eventually burdened with points when their opponents declare the game. Discarding high value cards will give a signal to a player’s opponents that the former is having a bad Rummy. But when you discard low value cards it will be thought as something strange which will make your opponent think that you are about to finish the game. So, without further ado, he will drop the game so that he does not lose with more points.

 When you see your opponent drawing cards from the closed deck continuously it means he is struggling with hands. So, you need to confuse him by picking up constantly cards for the next four to five moves from the open deck. This will make your opponent think that you are about to complete the game and so he will drop the game eventually.

Thus, bad Rummy is not difficult to handle if you know how to turn things in your favour. The golden rule when you play rummy is that you should never get tense. If that is taken care, you can handle any situation in online Rummy.

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