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Planning for Your 21st Birthday Party

It only comes around once, and like your 18th, its one to celebrate. The age of 21 marks the first step into adulthood for many people where they’ve finished with education and can now go and enter the world of work with all that comes with it.

If your 21st birthday is about to roll around but you haven’t planned for it, fear not as we have just the ticket, our handy guide to making sure it’s a birthday to remember. Wherever you’re a professional raver or would prefer a low-key affair, we’ve got you covered.

Where is The Party?

That’s right, location is important. Whether your house, a friend’s house, a bar or club, choosing the right venue is of vital importance. The options are endless so think about what you enjoy doing and whether you would like a theme attached to your big day.

If you’re really struggling for ideas, there are several party planners offering their services. In fact, 21st venues in Melbourne are somewhat of a speciality for many companies operating within this space. Simply get in touch with one for a list of venues that might take your interest, they’ll likely give you ideas you hadn’t even thought about.

Who Needs to Be There?

What is a party without friends, right? Landmark birthdays like your 21st are a great opportunity to reconnect with people who you might not have spoken to for a while. In the same vain, there may well be some people who you rather didn’t see.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to produce a guest list. It doesn’t have to be anything formal but should cover everybody who you want in attendance. If you don’t have the budget for a personalised invitation, many social media platforms allow you to create events and invite people from your friends list.

The Menu

Wherever you are, your celebrations are probably going to involve food and drink. We all have a preference so think along the lines of what you and your guests would like to eat or drink.

If you’re hosting at home, hired catering or a takeaway might be an option, but if a club or function room, you will need to agree the menu with the event planners. Any allergies should be taken into account but the most important thing is that you don’t go over budget.

Feeding your friends can be expensive.

The Day Is Here

Memories are important so we’re sure there will be plenty of people on hand with smartphones to capture all the action. If not, consider hiring a photographer. Nothing to fancy is required here, simply someone with a decent camera who knows how to use it.

Birthday celebrations should be filled with fun and good vibes so remove anyone bringing any negativity to proceedings and enjoy yourself. As we said earlier, landmark birthdays don’t roll around very often and your 21st is always one that you will look back on fondly.

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