Why Destination Weddings are the Best

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 10 Months ago
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From old fashion weddings that are nothing but lace to modern weddings that are funky and fun, making it a destination wedding has gone from trend to must have in just a few short years. While there was a time when a destination wedding meant having the bucks in the family to fly everyone down to a romantic beach on some seaside resort, today a destination wedding can be just about anywhere.

From saying” I Do” in a romantic old castle high in the mountains of Scotland to tying the knot on the beach at sunset in Los Angeles, where you go to get hitched today is a big decision. So what kind of destination wedding will you have when it is your turn? Here are some ideas to get your romantic planning started. They are all great examples of why planning a destination wedding has become the most popular choice today.

A European Getaway

While most of us think of romantic getaways for a wedding as something along the lines of a beachside event, Europe offers some spectacular places to make a destination wedding everyone will remember. Why not plan to do it on a river cruise through France? You can pick a country and make a theme by looking through wedding planner sites like Global Express Wedding to get your ideas for places like Holland or Denmark. If you have never considered a European wedding destination you owe it to yourself to check it out. What is even better is that many of these destinations can be relatively inexpensive to fly to, making it affordable for everyone on your guest list.

Remote and Romantic

Of course, I think that having it all on a remote island remains one of the most romantic ways to set a destination wedding location. Best of all, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire who owns their own island to do this. More and more these days many of the resorts that dot the West Indies and Baja coast are setting up for weddings.

This makes the idea of a romantic and remote wedding easier to do and more accessible for your guests. By choosing to have that destination wedding in a sleepy fishing village on the Baja Peninsula you can be sure you will have the location to yourself and plenty of beautiful sunshine to soak up along the way.

No Place Like Home

Of course, your destination may be no further than your own home town. Just because it isn’t much of a destination for you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t for your guests. With so many of us moving away from our home towns, many brides find they want to return to their old stomping grounds to celebrate this new relationship in a place that is comforting and filled with good memories.

The old family home may have the right front porch for saying your vows. That old high school gym where you first danced together may be the perfect place to start the wedding dance of the night. No matter where you roam, in the end this small home town may be just what both of you want for your wedding, even if it isn’t where you want to live your married life. In the end your best bet may be closer then your think. it just might be the perfect location for a destination wedding after all.

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