Sex and also the City Party Ideas

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Sex and also the City 2 arrives on DVD October 26th, so its time for you to plan a celebration!

A Sex and also the City party is ideal for a women night in, also it will not break your budget!


E-vite includes a Sex and also the City invitation, and it is FREE! There are attempted, it’s FREE, simple to use and they’re going to keep an eye on your rsvp’s!

Invitation wording: Cause the cosmos and couture! Sex and also the City 2 is originating on DVD, and just like the four fabulous Manhattanites would, we have to get this to an evening to keep in mind! Don’t lose out on the enjoyment nights fancy finger food, girl talk, and accessory swap, a trivia contest, the film and much more! Please bring a lightly used fashionable addition for the swap…suggestions: scarves, hats, purses or big baubles which are gathering dust inside your closet! Imagine…after some luck have a trip home by having an accessory you like! Party attire: fashionable outfits inspired from your favorite figures are encouraged!

Invitation Cost: $


gather shoe boxes, footwear and magazines.

Run white-colored tulle round the centerpiece.

Scatter strands of pink curling ribbon all around the table.

Stand back and admire your Sex and also the City centerpiece!

Decoration Cost: $10 for balloons (The key to frugal entertaining is dealing with that which you have!)



Getting 1 signature cocktail can help keep costs lower.

Food…we offered fun finger food, however, you could go for Chinese take-out such as the Sex and also the City gals!

Sushi Tray

Popcorn…plenty of fun flavors!

Martini Glasses full of M&M’s

Food & Drink Cost for any party with 10 visitors: $30.

Accessory Swap Party Game:

Everyone brings a lightly used accessory to swap…purses, scarves, hat or costume jewellery.

Display all of the accessories on the table.

To start, sit inside a circle and also have everyone tell the storyline of the undesirable accessory. For instance, I won this purse inside a raffle, and it is not my style or my sister-in-law provided this elegant scarf, however i never liven up!

Now you have to attract figures and begin swapping.

#1 will get to find the accessory they need, then #2 and so forth! Obviously, to really make it fun…stealing is inspired, but don’t forget only 3 steals per accessory.

Accessory Swap Cost: $

Trivia Game Questions:

Question: Why did Charlotte now quit her job in the museum?

Answer: To begin a household with Trey

Question: Who authored it the Television show is dependant on?

Answer: Candace Bushnell

Question: What newspaper does Carrie write for?

Answer: New You are able to Star

Question: Who did Dolce & Gabbana select to model inside a show on their behalf within the fourth season?

Answer: Carrie

Question: Which from the women married first?

Answer: Charlotte now

Question: Which girl was initially to possess a baby?

Answer: Miranda

Question: Which girl is earliest?

Answer: Samantha

Question: That which was the Steve’s bar?

Answer: Scout

We purchased a colored martini glass from Homegood’s ($4) for that champion!

Trivia Game Cost: $4 for that prize!

Finish the night with popcorn and also the Sex and also the City 2 movie that you will rent!

Total Party Cost: under $50!

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