Selecting the Chairs for Your Outdoor Wedding

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If you have planned to hold your wedding outdoors, you need to think about the seating for the event. You can obtain advice by contacting a business that offers furniture hire for weddings and special events. It is also good to know a bit about the types of chairs that are provided for these occasions. To get an idea of some of the wedding chairs that are available, take a look at the website.

Typically, resin chairs are good choices as they can be well-maintained and they set up nicely. Chairs for your wedding should be included in the ceremony and at the reception. You may also want to add high chairs for the littlest guests at your celebration.

The Chiavari Chair

You also need to think about the style of the chair. Probably the most popular style used today is the Chiavari chair. The faux bamboo design of the chair is frequently featured in neutral hues or natural wood or metal. However, the chair may also be featured in pastels or vibrant colours. The chairs are even offered in transparent looks and are called ice Chiavari chairs.

Lime Washed Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs with a lime washed finish are also popularly featured at weddings today. The lovely finish looks attractive in both small and grander settings. Therefore, you can include the chairs at a quiet reception or add them to a more expansive environment. The chairs are featured in both weddings and receptions.

A Chameleon Chair

A chameleon chair is often not noticed as it is usually draped in a material. The metal frames of the chair can be adorned with sashes, slipcovers, or cushions. If you are seeking a more modern look, you can also omit the accessories.

Wooden Folding Chairs

Wooden folding wedding chairs in Swansea, also called folding lawn chairs, are popular options for an outdoor wedding. Not only can the chairs be dressed up, but they are also easy to set up and take down. The chairs, which are typically made of wood, are often integrated into a garden setting.

Cheltenham Chairs

Cheltenham chairs are often used in weddings. These chairs are featured in a natural, gold, or silver finish. The choice of colour, naturally, depends on the colours you choose for your wedding. The lightweight chairs feature cushion-like seating and are highlighted in green, gold, blue, black, or beige.

The above styles of chairs are often featured in outdoor settings. However, before you choose any chair, you need to consider the following;

  • Is the chair suitable for outdoor use? Is it made of a material that will stand up to the weather? While some chairs are placed under a canopy, some weddings are held without benefit of this covering. Therefore, you need to consider this factor before making a selection.
  • Will the chair work in well with the décor? Are you having a contemporary or traditional wedding? The chair you use must accommodate the type of wedding or reception you are holding.

If you are still in a quandary about your chair selection, ask the wedding furniture hire company about its suggestions. Choosing a chair is as important as selecting the tables and linens. Therefore, you need to make sure it will fit in well with your wedding’s colours, style, and theme.

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