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  • Ready to propose? Here’s why you should buy your Wedding Rings online

Ready to propose? Here’s why you should buy your Wedding Rings online

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 9 Months ago
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Made up your mind about the girl you wish to marry? Decided to keep tradition aside and propose to your girl? Now that you have sought the permission of her parents, told all her friends, chosen the perfect setting for the proposal, you need the piece of jewellery that will symbolise your everlasting love: a wedding ring. You may wish to buy the ring the conventional way- by visiting the jewellery showrooms.

However, here are the reasons that are sure to convince you to buy wedding rings online instead:

  • Thousand options, one place

Shopping for what will be the most cherished piece of jewellery for both of you can be exciting. However, when you have to visit ten different stores to find that perfect wedding ring, you may feel the strain getting to you. To avoid the dip in excitement, you can simply pull out your laptop, plug in the headphones, and listen to songs while you browse through a plethora of wedding ring options without moving. You can use the hours that you save going to multiple stores to spend with your significant other instead!

  • Quick comparisons

Although we think that you can’t compare wedding rings as each is special, you may have certain specifications and ideas in mind about how your wedding ring should be. For this, you can compare multiple wedding rings by having them displayed next to one another on the screen. You can compare prices, band material, number of karats, etc. with just a glance. Unlike physical stores, where you may not be allowed to take pictures of rings from one store and compare them to those from another, you can do everything in online stores.

  • Convenient way of shopping

Imagine not having to wait for the jewellery shop to open or having to rush there before it shuts for the day. With online shopping, you can look for what you want for hours without having to worry about store timings, or where will you park your car when you reach the store. You could search for rings during your tea break or at 5 in the morning, it doesn’t matter as the e-store is always open.

  • Better prices

These online stores don’t incur expenditures such as rent, power bill, or salaries for salespeople. On the other hand, physical stores have these costs which are passed on to the buyers through a heavier price tag.  Hence, for better prices, it’s a good idea to shop online for your wedding ring.

  • Access to exclusive deals and discounts

You will never be left out when there is a sale or when the online store is offering massive discounts. Once you have bought something from the store, you will most likely become a valued customer with access to exclusive discounts. Such options are available with only a few offline stores.

What are you waiting for? Go, find the perfect wedding ring for your love…

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