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Looking for caterers for a large event? Don’t miss these things!

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 8 Months ago
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Organizing an event requires effort, time, and competent planning, and there is considerable money at stake. While the venue, ambience and entertainment do matter, guests are usually more interested in what is being served. Good food can change things, and for that, you need a caterer you can rely on. In fact, catering and venue usually cover most of the budget for any event. In this post, we will talk about simple things that matter in selecting a service for catering Houston.

Get a few reliable names

When it comes to caterers, references are always handy. You can talk to your friends, industry colleagues or neighbors to find about some of the services they have tried so far. Alternatively, look up online. Google can not only offer local listings, but you can also check reviews. In a time and age when people check restaurant reviews before visiting a new one, you must find more about the caterer too.

Discuss your requirements

Most caterers have a certain range of items or menus that one can choose from, but you can always customize the options. Be very clear about what you want, because caterers offer much more than just food. You can seek special passed appetizers, bar services, sides, dessert stations and more. A good caterer will hear you out before offering an estimate.

Tasting is important

If you are organizing a large-scale event, tasting is important. Some caterers can organize tasting sessions for prospective clients for an added fee, and that’s worth paying because you would be serving the same food to hundreds of guests. Also, check what they can really offer in terms of the menu. For example, if you are in Houston, you would want to serve BBQ food that Texas is known for. Go for a seasonal and local menu, and make sure that everything is sourced fresh.

Find more about their services

Estimates are important, but don’t choose a company just because they are offering an affordable deal. A better idea is to check what’s included in the price. Do they offer buffer style arrangements? How many big events they have handled so far? Can they offer references on request? What’s included in the price? Will they clean up after the event? Do they have servers for help? Can they arrange or look up for venues, if needed?

These are just some of the questions you must ask before taking a call.

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