Hiring the Essentials for Your Party

  • by Bob Eddie
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Whether a birthday party, Christmas, Halloween or Easter party, most of us will hold some sort of party at least once a year. Whilst some of us prefer to make use of function halls available for hire as well as their amenities, some of us do still enjoy hosting parties from the familiarity of our homes.

If this sounds like you, there are a number of essential items you will need to purchase to make your party a success. But if you only hold a large party once a year, it may well be worth renting or hiring instead. Here we’ll list the items you should consider hiring for your next party.


It sounds obvious when you think about it but most of us won’t have nearly enough chairs within our homes to host a party of say, 50 guests. This doesn’t have to be an issue though as every type of chair you could think of is available for hire.

Perfect for your next game of musical chairs.


The adequate provision of tables is also crucial to a successful party. The more guests you invite the more food will be required to feed them and this food needs to be laid somewhere.

Most people opt for a simple trestle table but there are more upmarket variants available should you want a classier affair.

Cutlery and Crockery

Your options here are to either make use of disposable plates and cutlery or to hire enough to make sure each guest is provided for. We wouldn’t suggest using your own as you likely won’t have enough and the risk of breakages is far too high.

If you do go for the disposable option, you usually have the choice between paper or plastic.


Glassware is equally as important as the right crockery. If you’re hosting a children’s party then paper cups may well be fine but if you’ve just gotten engaged, you might prefer to provide your guests with nice champagne flutes and wine glasses. The choice is yours but glassware is also readily available for hire.

Lighting and Disco

If you’re hosting a party within a larger venue, you might like to make sure that the lighting and sound system is up to scratch. Night time parties are much more atmospheric with appropriate lighting so consider hiring a few spotlights or an automated light machine.

You can never go wrong with a smoke machine during Halloween either.

The Marquee

Potentially the most important aspect depending on the size of your party. Marques are available in a range of different shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find something perfect for your needs.

Costs can also be reasonable if hiring a number of other services from the same provider.

If you’ve decided that hiring furniture and equipment for your next party is the way to go, then you’re in luck. Party supplies and chair hire in Melbourne is an industry well catered for with many suppliers able to meet your requirements. Give one or two a call to see how they could assist you.

There is a knack to hosting parties that are remembered for years so give your next party a boost by making sure all the important bits are catered for.

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