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Hiring a Wedding Planner to Ensure the Success of your Big Day

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 9 Months ago
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The wedding planning process involves paying attention to many details that can easily overwhelm you. Together with researching, organizing and searching for the right vendor for your specific budget, costs are a definite consideration. Also, you will have to ensure that everything is done timely and your wedding day will be stress-free with your guests wearing just happy faces. But because you may be working a full-time job and juggling that with your social life, wedding planning can be too much for you to handle. This is where a wedding planner comes into the picture.

Picking a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners provide various kinds of services including:

  • Services for the entire planning. Professional wedding planners help with each detail of the wedding. From choosing a florist, finding your dress and hiring vendors, they will work to take care of everything to ensure a successful occasion.
  • Services for specific tasks. A wedding planner can help you with the florals or catering services for the wedding.
  • For the wedding day. The wedding planner can make sure that everything for the wedding is in order so you can relax and leave the day in their professional hands.

Things to Look Out for in a Wedding Planner

  • Good Personality. You need to look for a wedding planner who you can get along with. Because of the stressful times, you may have in the planning, you may end up losing your patience. Your wedding planner should be able to calm you down and lend you his ears. Check out www.dubaiweddingteam.com to find a reliable one.
  • Portfolio. A professional wedding planner will be able to provide you his work portfolio. This refers to the weddings he had done before. His portfolio will give you inspiration and give you an assurance that the planner’s style matches yours.
  • Ability to communicate with you. In terms of wedding planning, communication plays an important role. You can tell how well he can communicate with you by considering the response time when you text, chat or call and when he gets back to you.

  • Pricing. Each wedding is different and whether you are hiring a wedding planner for a certain task or to give you full services, the price differs. The wedding planner can have a pricing structure that covers a flat fee, an hourly rate and a base fee plus additional charges. If he charges a flat free, know the inclusions. Make sure you are upfront with him in terms of the budget to guarantee satisfaction for both parties.
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