Hiring a Photographer – A Basic Guide

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Planning a wedding is very difficult, and tensions often tend to run high before the big event. Because it’s such a momentous occasion in your life, it’s obvious that you will want everything to be as perfect as can be. One of the biggest decisions that you will have to make is in regards to the photographer for the event. You will obviously want to hire a reputable photographer who can help you immortalise some of the best moments of your life.

Finding the right photographer is quite difficult, so you should start your research regarding the event several months before it actually happens. It is very important that you hire someone with relevant experience and expertise in wedding photography. There are plenty of different factors that you would want to take under consideration before you hire any photographer. Here is a basic guide to help you find the right photographer for your wedding day.


When shortlisting potential photographers, the first thing you will want to check is availability. You can contact them and ask about their availability for the wedding dates that you want. The photographers will let you know whether they are free on that particular day, or if they are booked. Due to the fact that most photographers are booked around the clock, it’s important that you begin your research as early as possible. Make a list of all the photographers that are available on the date of the wedding and the reception before you proceed to the next step.


It’s important that you set a budget before hiring a photographer for the event. How much money are you willing to spend on the photography? In order to get an idea about the rates charged by different photographers, you can visit their website and check out their packages. Byron Bay photography packages are relatively affordable, so if you are planning on getting married in this gorgeous beachside resort town, you can book your package right away.

The more expensive the package, the more services you are going to get. For instance, some packages come with guest cards and beautifully-bound wedding albums. There are bespoke packages available for interstate or international weddings, as well. Depending on what you are looking for, you can discuss your requirements with the photographer, and they might even provide a custom package tailored to your needs.

You will be required to pay a small amount as an advance before the booking is finalised. Make sure you take all the necessary steps and pay the advance to confirm your booking. These are some simple things that you should know about booking a photographer for your wedding or reception.

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