Exquisite Weddings in Restored Eden Prairie Barn

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 4 Months ago
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If magical, breathtaking and extraordinary are words, you would want your guests to use to describe your wedding, and then there is no better place to have it held than at Green Acres. Once a Goodrich-Ramus barn, it faced demolition but was saved and restored with the help and intervention of the Historical Society and a certain Mr. Steven Schussler. Since then, it has claimed award after award for its structural beauty. It is now the go-to event center in Minneapolis.

With its Gothic arched roof and use of laminated timbers, the venue provides one-of-a-kind visual and ambient experience. To add to the captivating vastness, the barn is adorned with crystal and candlelight chandeliers that glisten as though they were stars on the most perfect of nights. The place is also lavishly decorated with fixtures and novelties from the earlier days. You will find antiquities of all sorts to complement the traditional theme of the restored barn, from jukeboxes and pianos to horse saddles and kerosene lanterns. It is sure to draw feelings of nostalgia from your friends and loved ones.

Although its central theme is that of days gone by, the barn is caught up with modern-day event necessities such as theatrical lighting, high-end sound systems, and of course to keep the whole experience magical throughout the affair, air-conditioning and heat.

The barn in itself is a piece of history that is at the same time magical and almost unreal. But Green Acres has even more to offer.

Outdoor weddings are especially breathtaking. With towering trees all around providing shade from the sun and a cool breeze, an entirely different experience awaits couples that wish to be wed a step closer to nature. This event center in Minneapolis just happens to be Staring Lake Park, making it even more captivating and otherworldly.

To complete experience, you will have the option to choose from three award-winning catering companies. Expect no less than a genuinely delectable gustatory expertise from their highly capable catering teams. They will take the responsibility from you, and they will save you the worry with their guaranteed topnotch service. Guests continue to rave about how well the team’s execution was, from serving guests at the door to ensuring the entire affair played out through the evening without a hitch.

Green Acres an Enchanting Event Center in a Historic Barn

The barn has become the most coveted venue for weddings and events of the like. With options to go indoor or outdoor, the place is the perfect canvas for all dream weddings one could imagine. The very place where many begin a new chapter in their lives amidst a rustic and nostalgic setting provides something to both look forward to and reminisce. Design your dream wedding with us, and we are sure to deliver your heart’s real desires.

Unsure whether the barn or the outdoors is the path you want to take? Why not come over for a tour to see the place. We would love for you to see what the other couples saw in Green Acres and we can’t wait to hear all of your plans for the place!

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