Best Pool Parties You Can Arrange Easily

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The easiest way and the best option to organize the pool parties are to contact the professionals. The cost of the agency’s services is 10% of the holiday budget. You will spend a small amount and in return acquire much more – these professionals are friends with so many contractors and work with them on special terms. The same is true for sites (restaurants, swimming pools). That’s why you will not feel the financial difference.

You just delegate the trouble to professionals for the vegas pool parties. After all, the essence of delegation is efficiency.  Efficiency for them is the main criterion. We tell in this article how to organize a classy party by the pool on your own.

First Step

Determine the number of guests, depending on the chosen site. The ideal number of people depends on the chosen site. But, in any case, try to “make a reserve.” As practice shows, 80-90% of the attendees come to the party. Therefore, if you organize a bachelorette party, invite close relatives of your age and colleagues from among those who are on the list of guests invited to the wedding. The more girls will be hanging out by the pool, the more fun!

The Theme

Come up with the theme of the party. The topic should be one that your friends can support. We recommend using seasonal trends. Why? It stores a huge selection of clothing and accessories in this subject. A large number of decor seasonal trends can be rented from decorators. Now in the trend of the theme of the tropics you can bring geometry, pop art. Identify the dress code associated with the topic. Not everyone has an ideal physical form. Think about the comfort of all guests.

Less alcohol

The sun and alcohol are a very insidious combination. The less alcoholic the cocktails will be, the more likely it is that everyone in consciousness will go home. Therefore, you need to think through a menu of low-alcohol cocktails and a sufficient number of snacks. Secure yourself with sunscreen. Not everyone will take them with them. Music is the key to a successful party. In advance, take care of the presence of sound on the court and the DJ.


Piñata, competition for the most beautiful swimsuit, the most stupid jump in the pool – someone from the guests should take the lead role, if there is no budget for a professional. Here you cannot do without professionals. At least a photographer should be for 1-2 hours. Why is it an inevitable waste? Shooting in the pool in the bright sun is one of the most difficult technically and physically.

Only a professional photographer will cope with it. The videographer, in the case of an acute shortage of funds, can be replaced with a GoPro camera. With the installation, perhaps, your advanced friend will cope. But, that is not the fact. It is often easier and more profitable to take professionals.

Decor and floristry

This is important! It is very important! A classy party is thought-out details, united by one theme. This, of course is aerobatics 10 level. Bright inflatable mattresses, sunglasses with your logo/symbolics, personalized glasses, slates and other important-important little things. For the vegas pool parties decorations also

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