5 Steps for Selecting a Quality Wedding Photographer

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 10 Months ago
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Choosing the perfect wedding photographer can be a daunting task, after reviewing images online, reading about each individual achievement and looking through various recommendations, you’ll seem none the wiser when it comes to selecting the right wedding photographer. These 5 steps will make your life a little easier during the selection process.

  1. Hire a Professional > This means hiring someone who gets paid, on a daily basis, to take photographs. Not just a person who has an interest in photography, or a friend whose been taking pictures for a few years, an individual who has studied in the field, and their main occupation is photography. Avoid getting a family member or friend to shoot your wedding, it’ll only end in tears, just because they’ll do it for cheap, doesn’t mean you’ll be satisfied with the end product. By all means save money where you can, but not on your precious wedding photos.
  1. Ask About Previous Jobs > If you come across a wedding photographer who claims to be a high-quality operator, then ask them for proof. Tell them you want to see what work they’ve done for previous clients, if they’re confident in their abilities, they’ll have no issues showing you a portfolio or putting you in contact with other clients. A professional photographer should be able to send you numerous images through email, enabling you to view their work.
  1. Thoroughly Research Each Potential Photographer > It is unwise to judge a book by its cover, the same applies when looking for a photographer, you can’t take a quick look through their website and make a judgement based on a few images. Give them the time they deserve, if you think they could be a promising candidate, search for their blog, check their social media page, and get in contact with them. Tell them about your situation and ask can they send you a portfolio of their work.
  1. Attend Wedding Events & Expos > There are numerous high-quality companies who live and breathe wedding photography in Sydney who often attend expos and other events based in the city. So, it is sensible to attend some of these expos to see what kind of photographers are on offer. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to a wedding expo, and if you don’t like one individual you simply move on to the next stand. It is very convenient, and it allows you to speak to each photographer face to face.
  1. Don’t Believe Every Accolade You See > Just because you come across a photographer who has been adorned with awards doesn’t mean they are the best. Many of the awards they receive aren’t recognised in the industry, so don’t get tricked easily.

Consider the tips mentioned above when selecting a wedding photographer, don’t allow the whole process to get you down. It takes time to find someone who perfectly understand your needs, you won’t just come across that individual the first time of asking. So, be patient and use the steps in this article to locate the perfect wedding photographer.

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