5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Before Marriage

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 10 Months ago
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For many decades travel has been known as an activity for the young. After all, young people tend to have far less responsibilities that adults and can therefore take to the road in a carefree state of mind. One thing people don’t take into consideration when thinking in this mind frame is marriage. No matter if you’re in your late teens and early 20s or an older individual in your 30s or even 40s, if you are planning on getting married then the time is right to get your traveling in now. As the time ticks down to the date of your marriage, then now is the time for that campervan hire trip you’ve been considering.


After marriage, you will be concerned with matters such as mortgages and bills. This will make traveling tough since you may not be able to put aside the money you wish in order to take to the road. Even though you may plan on traveling after marriage, some years you budget just may not allow it depending on your financial situation. Matters such as buying a house, having children, or saving for retirement may eat up your income and not leave enough left over for travel. This is why you should take advantage now and hit the road for that ultimate road trip.


If you and your future spouse are planning on having children, then the time is definitely right to get your traveling in now. Young children are tough to take on the road, so it may be many years before you will be able to take your young family on an adventure. Plus, with matters such as economical responsibility for the children, time responsibilities such as caring for the children, taking them to school and other activities, and simply wanting to spend time with them and watch them grow can definitely set back those travel plans. So if you plan on having children right after marriage, then you will definitely want to hit the road while you still have the time.


When you’re young and not married, you simply have far more time on your hands than the average older individual. The main reason for this is that you have not yet begun your career. When you’re tied down with a nine to five job you will not have time to travel, and may be too tired to take to the road on the weekends. One you are settled down and married with two careers, the thought of that campervan hire new zealand trip you’ve always dreamed about will get further and further away. This is just another one of the many reasons you should take to the road before marriage and worldly responsibilities get you distracted.


When you’re younger you simply have more strength and stamina. After a decade or more of marriage and children, with the work and other responsibilities that come with them, you just may not be as strong and vital as you once were. Before marriage you will be able to take on all of the exciting activities you had always envisioned, including long hikes and outdoor activities that require strength and stamina. Make sure to take advantage of your youth and physical abilities while you still can and hit the road before marriage and aging take their toll.


Even though you may be travelling before marriage, you can look at the trip as a great way to solidify your relationship. Taking to the road as a young, unmarried couple is an incredibly romantic excursion. In New Zealand, the two of you can enjoy the coasts, explore the rainforests, have a great time in the friendly and lively cities and towns, and take advantage of some of the finest hiking to be found anywhere on the planet. There is no better way to build a strong relationship than to experience an adventure out on the open road. You can look at it a s a pre-honeymoon, and can use it as a way to come closer before tying the knot. When a young couple takes to the road before the responsibilities of marriage, children, and careers, they are creating memories that will last for the rest of your lives.

Road tripping before marriage is highly recommended for any traveler. If you’ve been planning a campervan hire new zealand journey and also have a marriage date in the future, then you should definitely plan to hit the road before that date. This will be a great way to get your adventure in before dealing the responsibilities that come with adult married life. Whether by yourself or with your loved one, you should definitely plan that journey and take to the open road before it’s too late.

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