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5 Affordable And Simple Ways To Arrange Your Wedding Reception

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 9 Months ago
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Most probably, everyone dreams of having a fascinating wedding event. You may also want to arrange the wedding reception where the guests can truly have a gala time. Wedding planners and event companies such as http://www.budapestwedding.com can help you arrange the finest reception you aspire for.

Here, are a few things mentioned which will help you in arranging a wonderful and affordable wedding reception—

Lighting plays a pivotal role

Light can do wonder to a wedding reception. Put candles in small glasses and carefully set up in the center of the table or simply float them in a bowl full of water. This style is often done by the smart event decorators in the water bodies of the wedding venues. You can also opt for the LED lights instead of the candles.

You need a fascinating cake from a nice baker

If you’re choosing European wedding destinations such as Budapest, Hungary—you’ll hardly have to worry about getting the best wedding cake of your dreams. Both you and your spouse will be surprised by the cake if the organizer helps you in choosing the best yet affordable baker in the area. Along with that, they can also help you in arranging the best catering services for the guests according to the cuisines you ask them to deliver.

Floral decoration – with a twist!

Fresh flowers are indispensible in weddings, especially if you’re following the European traditions. Let the wedding planner pick the seasonal flowers. Instead of making it a flower garden, they should place them aesthetically whether in the forms of bouquets on the tables or on the walls for decorating the venue.

Table arrangement –Do out-of-the-box

Little experiment with table décor doesn’t cost you much. The couple can do it with colored glassware that perfectly complements your chair covers or entire decoration. Adding an escort card is needed. Hand-written ones are all-time classic. Involve an art college student for having carefully crafted escort card in your budget. If you love to keep things simple a nice table runner with a centerpiece will be all.

Have a dancing floor

If the wedding venue doesn’t have a dancing stage, ask the wedding planner to install one for you and your spouse to dance in the reception. Also, give the guests the opportunity to tap their feet with you guys and enjoy the blessed occasion.

These are some great ways to arrange a nice wedding party.

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