10 Amazing Additions forthe Perfect Wedding!

  • by Bob Eddie
  • 9 Months ago
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Weddings are meant to be special. Most couples spend considerable time in planning the minute details, but a wedding is much more than the food, venue, and live entertainment. In this post, we have ten fantastic additions for the perfect wedding.

  1. Focus on table décor. Guests may love the destination and venue, but they need to feel comfortable. Talk to your wedding planner to find something attractive for the tables. Floral arrangements are classic, but you can also try some of the more contemporary themes.
  1. Plan a grand exit. Right after the main ceremony, you need to leave the venue, and you can do that in style. Try to include one of the exclusive exit ideas, which can involve the use of poppers, bubbles, balloons, and sky lanterns, depending on your budget. You can check for wedding send off ideas online, as well.
  1. Go for handwritten invitations. Wedding invitations must have a welcoming effect, and what is more appealing and classic than handwritten notes? Include a box of dry fruits or sweets with your invitation, and most of your guests will be pleasantly surprised.
  1. Pay attention to theme elements. Besides the overall design and décor of the venue, you must also focus on the smaller aspects of the theme. For example, are the flowers in sync with the theme color? Is the lighting good enough to highlight the right spaces?
  1. Spend on return gifts. Many couples like to buy return gifts for guests who attended the ceremony. This doesn’t have to be expensive but more thoughtful. Instead of chocolates, you can include candles, nuts, unique custom gadgets and other products, depending on your budget.
  1. Design your aisle. As you walk down the aisle, a special moment is created, and you might want to add more drama to the events by restyling the entire walkway. Just steer clear of the red carpet and choose something that adds to the charm of the décor.
  1. Pay for a photo booth. People like to take pictures at weddings, and it’s amusing to have a wedding photo booth, which only adds to the event entertainment segment. If you book in advance, the prices will be much lower.
  1. Plan a special game. This can be different from your usual live entertainment gigs. Just ask your guests to write an honest message for the couple, and you can read out the funniest and genuine ones, without disclosing names.
  1. Opt for mood lighting. Contemporary weddings often have subtle elements. Instead of the flashy lights, go for soft lighting elements that can add more attention to the right parts of the venue. You can opt for soft golden lights or pendant lights over every table.
  1. Add a bouncy castle to the venue. You are never too old for these fun things. Discuss your goals with the wedding planner, and their team can fix things to make the most of the available space. If you have an outdoor wedding, you must try to find ways to add more things for the guests to enjoy.

Start planning your wedding right away!

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